Thursday, 23 May 2013

Canon Digital Camera Photo Recovery - Recover Deleted Photos from Canon Digital Camera Memory Card

Accidentally deleted photos from my Canon Powershot digital camera SD Card

When I was on holiday in New Zealand, I enjoy the nature there so much that I took a lot of photo and videos. Then one day I realize that memory card was full, but I was in middle of trip and left my computer in the hotel, so there's no way to transfer the photos and videos from camera memory card to computer and free up the space of memory card, and I do not have a second memory card for my camera, so what can I do?

I started to browse the photos and videos on camera, and delete those blur ones and not so good one, so that I can free up some memory card space to take more photos and videos. But then suddenly, all my photos and videos are gone. I do not know what happened. Now when I think back about it, I guess that I must have press delete all, or format button which wiped all the photos and videos from camera memory card. I was so panic and worry that I lost all photos taken in the past few days of the holiday. 

Looking for solution for Canon photo recovery

I was sad, and took only few photos that day. After returned to hotel in the evening. I start to search for solution. I saw similar questions been asked on Internet.

"I deleted an important photo on my digital camera and now wants it back? Can I get them back?"

"The camera memory card is corrupted and I lost all important family videos and pictures. What can I do?"

"My son pressed format button and formatted camera memory card, now all photos and videos in my camera are gone. Is there a way to retrieve deleted photos and videos?"

After some research I was happy to find out that it's actually possible to restore deleted photos and videos from digital camera.

But then people said that you can not use the camera to take more photos, but I DID. I was worried again.

Is it possible to recover deleted pictures from digital camera?

What happens at background when pictures are deleted?

I finally realized that when files are deleted from camera, camera does not really go to wipe all the photos and video raw data, instead, it just deletes the link of that logical file and physical storage address. Once the link is deleted, the file is not accessible by user, and physical storage space is available for new files to be written to.

This means even the photos and video files are deleted, the raw data of the file is not deleted. Even when the memory card is formatted, only the table of contents is emptied. Even when memory card is corrupted, only the file table is corrupted. Even memory card shows error like "the memory card is not formatted", all data are still there. This really gives me the hope to recover all my lost photos and videos.

But wait, I did take some photos after that, which means that some deleted files space could be used for new taken photos, which means I am not able to restore all photos. I am hoping that I can get back all good photos and videos.

How to recover deleted photos videos from digital camera

Now I know that to prevent the physical location to be overwritten by other files, it's important to not use the camera to take more photos, so that no new data will be saved to deleted file raw data space. If you have taken more photos with the camera, do not continue using to prevent further damage. This is because that more you use the digital camera, harder to recover the deleted photos and video files.

I followed a camera photo recovery tutorial and connected the digital camera to my computer, and then check whether it shows as a drive letter (e.g. F:) in Computer. It didn't, so I take out the memory card and connect the memory card to computer with a card reader.

Now I downloaded camera data recovery software from here.

After downloading and installing this software, follow steps below.
Step 1. Launch the data recovery software and I select the camera memory card drive then click "Next" button.
Step 2. I saw list of photos and videos shown, I select all since I want all to be recovered. Then I clicked "Recover" button.

Wow, only 2 steps and few minutes, I got back most of lost photos and videos. Luckily all good photos and videos are there.

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